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Potential of Jaworzno

Where Silesian diligence meets the creativity of Lesser Poland

Jaworzno is the easternmost city of the Silesian Voivodeship, located on the border with the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Historically and culturally, Jaworzno is part of Western Lesser Poland. In 1975 it was incorporated into the Katowice Voivodeship, and in 1999 it became part of the Silesian Voivodeship.

Formerly – together with Chrzanów and Trzebinia – Jaworzno formed the Jaworzno-Chrzanów Industrial District. Today, the city is a point of contact between the Metropolis of Upper Silesia and Zagłębie (in which it is not included) and the Krakow Metropolitan Area. Here the Upper Silesian diligence intertwines with the creativity of Lesser Poland. We are proud of it.

Tauron 910MW - makieta

Jaworzno – a source of energy

In Jaworzno the tradition of the energy industry dates back to 1898 when the first Polish power plant was established – right in our city. In 2018, together with TAURON, we celebrated the 120th anniversary of the energy industry in Jaworzno, and thus in Poland.
At present, two power plants produce a total of 7.4 TWh of electricity per year, i.e. electricity to power about 3 million Polish households. One of the largest domestic energy potentates has decided to back up further development of our city by building the largest and most modern power block in the company’s resources. The 910 MW block will produce energy for another 2.5 million households in Poland. The slogan “Jaworzno – a source of energy” is therefore not an exaggeration.

Business energy

Jaworzno is not only the energy and mining sector. Companies of the chemical industry, whose products reach markets all over the world, also operate in our city.
The automotive industry is present as well, and the furniture industry develops dynamically.
The commune still has resources of investment areas where new production facilities or service providers can be established. We are a “source of energy” for others, but we also draw energy from creative, innovative and entrepreneurial residents. They are the most important resource of Jaworzno and its greatest strength.

All of Europe within reach

Jaworzno has been able to enjoy direct and fast communication with all of Europe since 1847 when a line of the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway ended here.
Today, Jaworzno lies at a crossing of two pan-European transport corridors – from Dresden to Kyiv (E30 railway route and A4 motorway) and from Gdańsk to Vienna (E65 railway route and S1 expressway). On top of that, the Balice Airport is only 39 km away and the Pyrzowice Airport is 33 km away. Almost right across the northern border of our city functions the Euroterminal Sławków railway logistics centre.
The investment areas in Jaworzno are therefore located at the intersection of the most important traffic routes in southern Poland.
Thanks to the convenient transport connections we have all of Europe within reach.

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